This page offers information on how you can be part of our Special Christmas Appeal, how to send your personal gift to a poor and needy child. You can also involve your local school, group of friends and colleagues.

We are not Operation Christmas Child and we are not Samaritan's purse nor are we a similar organisation. We are non-religious, non political and purely humanitarian. In fact we are a small local charity run absolutely by non paid volunteers.

For many years we have taken shoe boxes full of love to Romania, to seriously poor children from non income families and old people. These boxes are taken direct and given personally. There are no contents removed. We only ask that you are careful about the articles enclosed. For example: No medicines.

The vehicle we use is a standard vehicle 40 feet by normal dimensions and would contain when full 12.000 shoe boxes. Normally speaking our vehicle would accommodate 6000 boxes plus 50% humanitarian aid the total cost of which would be less than £3000. We ask for 30p which is the true value of transportation per box. If people cannot afford the 30p per box donation we still take the boxes to Romania for free.

                                                Our costs are:

One truck=12.000boxes x 30p each=£3600

Transportation of one truck to Romania=£3000

Total left of £600 is used to pay for fuel to collect and distribute the boxes.

We would ask you to consider sending your shoe boxes with your local charity Convoy aid Romania which has been established in this area for 20 years.

Suggested items for the boxes:

ü Clothing: hats, gloves,socks,scarves,jumpers

ü Toiletries: soap, shampoo,combe,toothpaste, toothbrush

ü Stationery: Notebooks, pencils, crayons, colouring books

üSweets: must be in date and sealed in a plastic bag away from the toiletries.

ü Tins: any tinned food

ü Christmas cards

ü Toys

Please label your box: boy, girl, woman, man and specify the approximate age. We suggest a 30p donation per box to help it get to a child in need. We hand them out personally to the children.

We also take dog and cat food for

abandoned animals.


Please do not attach the money to the box. Please collect in a separate bag and hand it to Rod when collecting the boxes. It saves us time and prevents the boxes from being damaged.


If you wish to help please have the boxes ready by the 5th of November and please make arrangements to have them collected by this date. You can either call on 07774939255, 01642 220685 or e-mail