Every year we launch this appeal in the hope that we can take and distribute as many seeds as possible so that poor people can help themselves. Every packet of seeds is important.

 Easter Seeds appeal


Convoy aid Romania: Unit 4 Bellerton House, Blue House Point Road, Portrack Ind/Est, Stockton On Tees, TS18 2PW

gabriela9@btinternet.com, 01642 220685, 07774939255

Please have the seeds with us by the 15th of March!


For a few years now we have successfully ran an Easter seeds appeal and we ask people who wish to get involved to send one packet of seeds of their choice to our address. Some schools have been extremely helpful and managed to get hundreds of children involved. This special effort has enabled us to offer extremely poor families the chance to grow their own food in their own back garden. There are very many old people in Romania that have to plant seeds in the spring if they are to have food in the winter. Back breaking work. Unfortunately many of the families we help have to do it.

We are particularly looking for vegetable seeds. Romania however does not use sprouts and broccoli and we would ask you kindly not to purchase them. We would also ask you to send seeds which are in date; there is nothing worse than putting in all that work and nothing comes up.

We also ask people if they wish to contribute to our special Easter transport fund by attaching 30 pence to the envelope .This is not obligatory. Of course this is not the cost to send one envelope. It all goes to our general fund and it helps us take out about 25 tonnes of aid with the seeds every Easter. It helps us with distribution costs as well. Please write on the envelope the seeds you put inside. It helps us when we sort them as we try to make sure that everybody gets a good selection and variety of seeds. If you wish to send flower seeds it is fine, people take pride in sowing them in the front of their houses.

If you are local to Teesside and have any spare agricultural tools such as spades, forks, hoes and you do not need them, we would be grateful to have them. At present we are looking for a chainsaw as well, which will enable us to cut wood for people to use in the winter.