Convoy aid Romania is a non profit,volunteers only charity helping children, old people and institutions in Romania (no fat cats,no paid employees).

Convoy aid Romania was set up 21 years ago to help orphaned children. It is run by Rod and Gabriela helped by a group of unpaid volunteers known as Godparents, and it now helps non income families, old people, street children, also non persons with the consumable necessities of life that we all take for granted. Who are the Godparents? They are people like you ,normal everyday people who have a wish to help somebody, probably a child to have a better life. By volunteering to become a Godparent this actually gets a child on to our social list. It means that the child is guaranteed help with clothing, food, toys, household goods, school materials even furniture, medicines, etc. depending on the childs needs . Our social list Godchildren benefit in many ways by having a Godparent sponsor. The sponsorship is 1 pound per week and has remained so for the past 20 years regardless of inflation.